Looking ahead

We hope this will prove a happy, safer year for everyone in the UK - and that COVID will finally have helped  the government recognise that, when it comes to health, prevention beats cure!


Our campaign for action to tackle preventable illness

It isn’t rocket science. We know:

  • Prevention is better than cure.
  • What the main risks are to our health.
  • How to reduce these health risks.

Public Health England has helpfully summarized some of the key points: 

 Positive and negative health influences Public Health England


More focus on prevention could:

  • End the UK’s health postcode lottery. Living in a deprived area shouldn’t mean you’re likely to spend more years in chronic illness and die younger.
  • Save millions of people from suffering avoidable illness, reduce pressure on hospitals, GPs and families and keep the NHS affordable. 
  • Free up our potential - with more people able to contribute positively, more actively and for longer.

We'd welcome your support to help achieve this.


How we can achieve this

Everyone has a part to play in creating a healthier UK. This includes the government, businesses, employers more generally, health professionals and the public. We believe action in four key areas would make a major difference:

  • Make healthy choices the easy choices for people – for example by making healthier food and drink more widely available and affordable, by increasing opportunities for mental and physical activity, by encouraging active communities and by continued initiatives to make it easier to stop smoking and to keep alcohol consumption to reasonably safe levels.
  • More focus on child health – because what happens to us in the early years of life from conception onwards can influence our mental and physical health for years to come.
  • Greater support for those at risk – to avoid health inequalities being carried forward from one generation to another.
  • A true National HEALTH Service, which gives higher priority to preventing illness, not simply treating it.


How you can help 

Do you believe that when it comes to health, prevention is better than cure? Do you agree we need to give higher priority to prevention in the UK? If so, we'd welcome your support. 

You can help us by: 

  • Volunteering – for instance as a researcher, an adviser, a blogger, a campaigner or a fundraiser
  • Encouraging your family, friends and colleagues to support our work, follow us @Health_ActionUK and spread the word 
  • Making a Gift Aided donation - we're an entirely voluntary organisation, so we have very few overheads to cover and the money we receive can go straight to help us research and campaign to reduce preventable illness.  


To find out more contact us at info@healthactioncampaign.org.uk




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