We believe that working in partnership with other organisations can help us achieve more, so: 

  • We’re a member of the Obesity Health Alliance - a coalition of over forty organisations who have joined together to fight obesity. 
  • We’re working with the Richmond Group of charities (a partnership of 14 leading health and social care charities helping people living with long-term conditions) to encourage more government commitment to public health. 
  • We’re a member of SMARTEN a national research network focusing on student mental health in higher education. 
  • We work in partnership with Age Watch, a health charity that aims to help people slow how quickly they age, both physically and mentally, to increase their chances of enjoying more years of good health. 
  • We are currently working with King's College London, Ulster University and Greenwich University on research into student mental health.
  • We have also worked with King’s College London, Goldsmith’s University and Kingston University on research into health-behaviour change.