250 million children globally are forecast to be obese in just 10 years time.

Fortunately, here at Health Action Campaign we have some good news. Our research has identified at least ten initiatives around the world which have begun to reduce childhood obesity - including one here in the north of England. These initiatives are:

  • Ensemble Prevenons L’Obesite Des Enfants (EPODE) in France
  • Health Exercise Nutrition for the Really Young (HENRY) in Leeds (UK)
  • Jongeren op Gezond Gewicht (JOGG) in the Netherlands
  • Amsterdam Healthy Weight Programme (AAGG)
  • The Overcoming Obesity Programme in the Finnish city of Seinajoki
  • The Children’s Obesity Clinic Treatment (TCOCT) in several towns in Denmark
  • The Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle (OPAL) programme in South Australia
  • A multi-sector project in Texas and some New York City initiatives
  • The Women, Infants and Children’s programme (WIC) for some 7 million low income pregnant women and new mothers in the USA

You can find out more about these initiatives in our International childhood obesity policies report by Nicole Musuwo.