Introducing the Ottowa model in the NHS

In a recent blog we mentioned the potential of a hospital initiative from Canada to reduce the number of smokers. The Ottowa model ensures that everyone who is admitted to hospital who smokes is offered support to quit smoking. We're pleased to see that the government has now decided to adopt this programme in the UK. In the NHS Long Term Plan announced by the Prime Minister in January, there is a target that the Ottowa Model will be embedded in all NHS Trusts by 2023-2024.

Including for mental health patients

Our research into the overlap between mental health and physical health also identified that people with mental illness were more likely to smoke. So we were pleased to see that the NHS Long Term Plan also included support to quit smoking as part of specialist mental health services - including the option to switch to e-cigarettes while inpatients. E-cigarettes aren't perfect but the evidence suggests they are significantly less harmful than cigarettes, so this move is welcome. 

If you're not a hospital patient you can still benefit from our advice on quitting smoking.