We asked Sophie, one of our research volunteers, about how she began supporting Health Action Campaign and what’s been the highlight of her time with us.

Q: What led you to work at Health Action Campaign? 

A: I always really enjoyed the research I conducted at university during my Psychology degrees; it allows you to expand your knowledge and work with all types of people. 

Although I was working in mental health following my studies, I definitely felt that the academic elements were lacking. I decided that becoming some sort of research assistant for a future career venture would be perfect for me so I looked into ways I could gain some more experience - and voilà, after a bit of searching online, I found an advertisement looking for a mental health researcher. 

Q: How important is the charity's message that prevention is better than cure? 

A: In society there is so much focus on what can be done to reduce the symptoms of mental health conditions or how to reverse obesity etc. However, if we targeted preventing these health issues before they had the chance to arise, there is a greater chance that they wouldn't manifest at all. 

I am a supporter of early intervention because it is so important in preventing the development of many conditions which may in turn become extremely difficult to treat once the seeds have been sown - not to mention the impact they will have on the individual and the amount of time/money consumed.  

Q: What's been your highlight volunteering for Health Action Campaign? 

A: I have been volunteering for Health Action Campaign since early 2018, and in that time I have co-authored an article on mental health featured in Perspectives in Public Health and also become Associate Mental Health Editor for our social media pages. Volunteering here has helped develop my skill set and given me new opportunities. I am excited about continuing to work toward supporting the prevention fight. 

I would encourage anyone who is interested in making a difference, helping others and learning new things (including about themselves) to join us as a volunteer!



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