With national Volunteers Week having only recently been celebrated, we asked Helen, one of our research volunteers about how she began supporting Health Action Campaign and what’s been the highlight of her time with us. 

Q: How long have you been volunteering at Health Action Campaign?

A: I’ve been volunteering at Health Action Campaign (HAC) for just over 2 years. I was actively looking for a volunteer role where I could use my research and writing experience to make a positive difference. HAC fitted well with my interest in wellbeing and mental health. I applied for the role through the Reach Volunteering website and soon after met with Michael Baber (HAC Director). Before I knew it, I was officially part of the HAC volunteering team.

Q: What’s your day-job?

A: I’ve been working in research for the last 20 years. I currently work as a Research Manager in the financial services industry. Getting involved with HAC has not only allowed me to utilise the skills I’ve gained in my day job, but has also been an opportunity for me to gain new skills.

Q: What’s been your highlight volunteering at Health Action Campaign?

A: Earlier this year, I contributed to the HAC Employers Guide to Health at Work (https://www.healthactioncampaign.org.uk/assets/documents/employers-guide-to-health-at-w-2) providing guidance to employers on how they can support the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees. It’s a topic I’m passionate about and something I had previously blogged about, so it was a great opportunity to be able to provide research and input into actionable guidance that can be used by a wide range of employers.

Q: Why would you recommend volunteering?

A: Volunteering is a great way to utilise my skills to make a positive difference beyond my day job. Knowing that I’m helping to provide insight and input in a way that helps promote physical and mental wellbeing is incredibly fulfilling. I can also volunteer remotely from my home in the Mendips which means I can easily fit it around family and work life. I’d recommend volunteering to everyone!


Do you have relevant skills you’d like to volunteer to support our health research and campaigning? If so, we'd like to hear from you.

                               Contact us on info@healthactioncampaign.org.uk  


15:45, 14 Jun 2019 by Michael Baber


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