We asked Katie, one of our social media volunteers about how she began supporting Health Action Campaign and what’s been the highlight of her time with us. 

Q: How long have you been volunteering at Health Action Campaign?

A: I’ve been volunteering at Health Action Campaign for around 6 months. I initially heard about the opportunity on the REACH Volunteering website. I knew I wanted to dedicate some of my spare time outside of work to volunteer for a small organisation. I searched roles that matched my experience, looking for roles for digital or social media marketing skills. The whole process was really quick, I think I was volunteering within a month of applying.

Q: What’s your day-job?

A: I’m a full-time Campaigns Officer at a national health charity. I’ve always worked in digital and social media marketing roles, so that was naturally something I knew I could support with. 

Q: What’s been your highlight volunteering at Health Action Campaign?

A: Highlights for me have been seeing the social media group grow in size and confidence, and when we first went live with our Twitter and Facebook accounts. We’ve very quickly seen all the hard work pay off, and that’s a really rewarding feeling. 

Q: What surprised you about volunteering?

A: At Health Action Campaign, we can volunteer from home or wherever we’re based and work on a project we’re interested in as a member of an online team, but what surprised me was how I very quickly felt part of the community. Now and then we meet up in person, and it’s so inspiring to see the different backgrounds and skills people have, all coming together for a shared cause.


Do you have experience and skills you’d like to volunteer to support our health research and campaigning? Get in touch this Volunteers Week. 


                                                    Current Volunteer Vacancies 

Image Researcher and Curator

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Researcher – Student Mental Health project

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If you have experience and skills that you think might help in other ways, including as a member of our Social Media team, we’d also like to hear from you. Contact us on info@healthactioncampaign.org.uk   



09:42, 01 Jun 2019 by Michael Baber