Nicole’s interest in preventing childhood obesity led her to volunteer for Health Action Campaign. Here she explains more about her volunteering experience with us. 

What led you to volunteer with Health Action Campaign? 

I came across Health Action Campaign through my interest in preventing childhood obesity, as a result of my MSc in Nutrition for Global Health and my work as a Health Adviser. 

I immediately expressed my interest in volunteering as there is a big emphasis on the prevention of physical and mental illness, rather than just cure and treatment. HAC also acknowledge the importance of addressing health inequalities when it comes to these preventable conditions, which I really support. 

How have you helped? 

I have helped to review and update articles on obesity prevention for the charity’s sister website ( ) including reviewing the government’s current Childhood Obesity Plan for HAC. I have also helped in our social media campaign, posting relevant content on preventing physical health problems where possible. 

Have you found that as well as contributing you’ve also learned new things? 

I have learnt useful skills in translating scientific research into more simple, summarised health information for the wider public to understand. I am also learning how to best engage and capture public interest through social media when it comes to explaining why prevention is better than cure. 

Would you encourage other people to volunteer for Health Action Campaign? 

Definitely! You can help at any time and from any location! I have found my role very beneficial in helping to keep up to date with the latest research and advances in public health and health prevention.


Do you have experience and skills you’d like to volunteer to support our health research and campaigning? Get in touch this Volunteers Week. 


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14:02, 05 Jun 2019 by Michael Baber