Mental health project

1 in 4 people in the UK are said to experience a mental health problem each year. So, what can be done to reduce the risk of mental ill health? That’s what we’ve been researching.

See what we have found, including the importance of the first 1000 days of life.


Reducing student mental distress

The number of students disclosing a mental health condition to their university has risen dramatically. Why has there been this increase and what can be done to reverse this trend? Our research suggests the answers may often lie in what happens before university, while young people are still at school.

Find out more the influence of events before university


Health behaviour change

The more we understand about health behavior change the better our chances of improving the nation’s health. So, when and why do people make health changes and what can we learn from this?

You can see our research findings – including the potential of using identified trigger points in people’s lives.


Tackling childhood obesity

In 2018 we provided written evidence to the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee, some of which was included in their report Childhood Obesity: Time for Action. Our evidence included lessons we can learn from initiatives in other countries and implications for the food and drink industry.

Here's our written evidence.


Obesity Q & A

How big a problem is obesity in the UK? Does what we know about health behavior change improve our chances of tackling it? What cultural and social challenges might need to be overcome?

You can see more in extracts from a Q & A session with our Director, which featured in a 2019 Food Matters Live podcast.


Tackling Obesity

To follow up our landmark 2015 report Healthy and Wealthy? we’ve continued our research into obesity, what causes it and what needs to be done to tackle the problem – including the role of diet and the food industry.

Here's what we have found.